Even though it is the biggest city in the state, it has a great sense of small town community where you know your neighbors. 


Southern New Hampshire
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Moving Southern New Hampshire Forward
The Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) will be working with the communities in our region to look at the big picture and consider the impacts of land use and transportation on our economic development, our health, our costs and our natural and cultural resources. This project will culminate with a shared vision for New Hampshire's future-  how we can improve our communities, regions, and the State. This vision will be outlined in our regional comprehensive plan.

At the heart of all of this will be community participation, through an open and transparent planning process where we can ask ourselves questions such as... How can we:

  • Protect New Hampshire's unique beauty and character?
  • Wisely invest limited financial resources?
  • Keep the city in the city and the country in the country?
  • Increase economic opportunities?
  • Create safe places to live?
  • Conserve our natural and social resources?


A Granite State Future and Moving Southern New Hampshire Forward will be the product of the people of New Hampshire to identify shared interests and direct the use of limited government resources. By supporting localy identified needs and ensuring that local land use decisions remain local, each regional plan will build on its communities' own unique attributes to acheive economic vitality, and protect the natural resources, character and landscapes that are so important to New Hampshire.

Get Involved
We are committed to the idea that the best public decisions get made if the people who will be affected by those decisions are heard and involved in the decision-making process. We would love to hear from you! Our public outreach program includes many different ways for you to be involved with this project. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

The Moving Southern New Hampshire Forward Leadership Team meets on a quarterly basis. All are invited to come participate in the discussion. Agendas and minutes for these meetings can be found on the right-hand side of this page. 

We are currently in the plan drafting stage of this project and we encourage you to review chapter drafts on the SNHPC website Granite State Future page. Please send your comments and suggestions to: email@snhpc.org

Program updates will be posted to Facebook and Twitter. Please follow along and join in the discussion!

In addition, you can always give us your input online using the "Add Your Ideas" online survey.

Stay tuned for further information on public outreach and engagement in the Southern New Hampshire Region. We are continuously working on new ideas to gather input and to get everyone involved. 

Granite State Future Regional Workshops  

A series of regional vision workshops were held in Spring 2013 to present an opportunity for neighbors to talk about the future of our communities, our region and the state.  For dates and summaries please visit the SNHPC website

  We look forward to discussing the future of our region with you! 


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