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October 26, 2012 at 4:01 PM

Welcome to the Granite State Future Blog, My Granite State Future, which will highlight NH’s regional planning commissions’ progress as they develop their regional plans and share stories, ideas and research from our many partners.

Who are the regional planning commissions you ask?

New Hampshire’s Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) are advisory bodies voluntarily formed by their member communities.  Enabled by state law in 1969 (RSA 36:45-58), most RPCs were created in the early 1970’s. The purpose of the RPCs is to provide technical planning assistance to communities for:

  • master plans and other local planning studies,
  • fostering regional cooperation among communities, and 
  • developing comprehensive regional plans for transportation, land use, water resources, housing, economic development, emergency management, energy and other planning topics. 

The state is broken into 9 regions for the purpose of forming RPCs.   Towns and cities within each region may choose to join their RPC.  Presently 91% of New Hampshire municipalities are members of their RPC.  

And what is a regional plan?

A regional plan provides a readily available source of information for local communities’ master plan updates and community requested planning services.  They may use the framework of both the state development plan as spelled out in RSA 9:A, and of local master plan as provided in RSA 674:2 and discuss the following elements:

  • Overall vision
  • Land use and regional concerns
  • Housing (including a housing needs assessment and fair housing equity assessment)
  • Transportation
  • Economic development
  • Natural, cultural and historic resources and recreation
  • Utility and public service (including water infrastructure)
  • Public facilities (including energy efficiency and green building)
  • Natural hazards (including climate change impact assessments)
  • Implementation

What’s your future vision?  Have an idea or story you’d like to share that would help inform your regional plan?  Send your article to Jen Czysz to share here on My Granite Sate Future. 

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