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About Granite State Future

A Granite State Future was a 3-year (2012-2014) community-based program starting with a public dialogue about what we want for the future of our communities, our regions, and our state.

This ambitious three-year project looked at how we can improve our towns and the state: what are the options and how can we get where we want to go? It culminated with an update of the regional plans in each of New Hampshire's nine planning regions . The regional Master Plans were based upon grassroots local values and needs that together presented a vision for how we can keep what we value while increasing prosperity and economic opportunity.

A Granite State Future was committed to engaging everyone in identifying shared interests and more effectively using limited government resources.

Throughout the state, regions and communities continually  address issues such  as  land use, transportation, economic development, infrastructure, housing, public health, energy, and cultural, historic, and natural resources. Moving forward, the regional Master Plans developed under A Granite State Future can serve as resources to assist communities with making decisions related to these issues, and can be used during their development of local Master Plans if they wish.

The staff of New Hampshire's nine regional planning commissions (RPCs) worked with a range of community and business leaders, state agencies, counties and municipalities, and non-profits and citizen groups to develop a productive public dialogue within each region. Supported by New Hampshire-based resources and technical support, A Granite State Future was designed to be a product of the people of New Hampshire in recognition that better public decisions are made when everyone affected participates in the process.



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