I like to see more public transit (year-round on roads, seasonal around Lake Winnipesaukee).

Objectives and Timeline

The objectives of this project were to:

  • Protect New Hampshire's unique beauty and character.
  • Identify local assets that are important to the lasting prosperity of our communities, regions and State.
  • Capitalize on and incorporate shared values and opportunities included in existing plans and research.
  • Plan for public infrastructure investment through an open and transparent process.
  • Direct capital investments toward locally identified needs.
  • Conserve our natural, social and financial resources.

The RPCs and their partners are committed to ensuring the plans and proposals developed are based on, and responsive to, the interests of every sector of the community.   For this reason, the project engaged business and community leaders, state agencies, counties and municipalities, and citizen groups in a robust and productive public dialogue within each region.   Year One and Two concentrated on engaging citizens and leaders in a range of ways, first in broad visioning, and then by specific areas of local interest.

Through Year Two, each region conducted a comprehensive regional needs assessment in order to set goals and priorities, and will develop the component elements of the Regional Plan.   Though priorities and goals were different in each region, all the Plans specifically addressed Housing, Transportation, Water Infrastructure (Utility and Public Service), Environment (Natural Resources, Recreation), Economic Development, Climate Change Impacts and Hazard Mitigation, and Energy Efficiency and Green Building.

In Year Three, each region reviewed and completed its plan for local endorsement, and began implementation strategies on some of the identified priorities.  At the state level, the nine Plans were consolidated into a state-wide snapshot, and analyzed for shared opportunities.


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