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Central New Hampshire
Regional Planning Commission

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The Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission (CNHRPC) provides community planning assistance to twenty communities in New Hampshire's capital region. CNHRPC is developing its own regional master plan, entitled "Central New Hampshire Regional Plan." This will be one of the nine regional plans currently under development as part of the statewide Granite State Future project. When completed, the Central New Hampshire Regional Plan will serve as a resource that communities can use when updating their own individual Master Plans if they wish.


Tell Us What You Envision for Central New Hampshire's Future

As CNHRPC begins the planning process, we are requesting input from the people who visit, live, and work in the Central New Hampshire region. We placed "Listening Boxes" in each community Town Office and Library in our region this fall, for you to use a comment card telling us what you value and what you need. Comment cards are available here at our office or when we attend events - the cards ask what you love about your community or the area, and what could make it even better. Ask us when you see a staff member! Or you can submit your ideas online right now(!) by clicking the "Share Your Idea" button above. Your ideas are important to us and will help us shape the Central New Hampshire Regional Plan.

CNHRPC staff will also be attending a number of local events and smaller, "neighborhood conversations" this spring to gather more ideas and answer questions about the Central New Hampshire Regional Plan. At the local events, please come to our table or tent to fill out a comment card and find out more about the process. We will soon be scheduling the neighborhood conversations with smaller groups of people who might not feel comfortable in a large-group setting. Upcoming events can be viewed to the right of this page or in the Events Calendar (look for entries marked "CNHRPC").

For more information on what CNHRPC is doing to work on the Central New Hampshire Regional Plan, please contact Stephanie Alexander at or 603.226.6020.

What People Are Saying About the Region

What do you think about what people have to say about the Central NH Region communities? If you have differing, or even similar, opinions, we'd love to hear about them.  Click on the "Share Your Idea" button above. It's quick, taking less than 2-3 minutes.

What They Like Best

  • "Everything you need is in close proximity." - Allenstown

  • "1. Proximity to Interstates, the mountains, the seacoast, and Boston. 2. The geography, the climate. 3. The people. 4. Ease of travel throughout the area" - Boscawen

  • "Working in town." - Bow

  • "Rural envirnonment." - Bradford

  • "Our forests, landscape, people; community, youth programs (4-H), schools, small town atmosphere" - Canterbury

  • "Rural countryside and forests." - Chichester

  • "Merrimack River, State Capitol politics, good business opportunities, lots of open space, great local and state government services, a sense of place & community. " - Concord

  • "Community events, outdoor recreation and scenic beauty." - Henniker

  • "Rural atmosphere, small businesses, friendly people. " - Hopkinton

  • "Current use laws. Diverse economy (fewer extremely large employers)." - Loudon

  • "It's a small town with a close knit community. It's close to both Manchester and Concord but still has small town charm." - Pembroke

  • "More open areas being managed for public access." - Pittsfield

  • "Mountains, scenery, country living, history." - Salisbury

  • "Rural character, sense of community, conservation lands." - Sutton

  • "Rural life but within driving distance of cultural projects available." - Warner

  • "The beautiful rural landscape and historic background of the region." - Webster

What Could Make it Better

  • "More businesses to give more variety. Also attractions for families." - Allenstown

  • "Improved mass transit (rail?); freight - rail would encourage industrial expansion." - Boscawen

  • "Enhancement of industry and lowering the tax rate so the younger generation can live in town." - Bow

  • "Less sprawl." - Bradford

  • "More bike forms." - Chichester

  • "More middle class jobs with benefits. More trails and parks. Cleaner environment." - Concord 

  • "Banning unnecessary motorized equipment on lakes and streams and trails!" - Loudon

  • "More recreational facilities." - Henniker

  • "Public transportation." - Hopkinton 

  • "Better bike routes and safer traffic/bike routes." - Pembroke

  • "Rezone for more apartments in large older houses." - Salisbury

  • "I would like to see more opportunities for small businesses and more housing choices at all price points." - Sutton

  • "TDS internet service - we should be able to choose who we would like for a carrier." - Warner

  • "More community involvement and marketing of what opportunities are available in our region." - Webster

Event Photos

CNHRPC_Warner_Holiday_Shopping_Tour-Farm_Mrkt_12-08-12_small.JPGWarner Holiday Shopping Tour-Farmer's Market Venue 12-08-12


Canterbury Winter Farmer's Market, 11-14-12

NH Assocation of Conservation Commissions Annual Conference, 11-03-12


NH Healthy Homes Conference, Concord, 10-15-12


Concord Farmer's Market, 10-13-12


Henniker Community Market, 09-27-12 (also 10-11-12)



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