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Strafford Regional Planning Commission




Our Plan

Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) provides communities in our region with tools, support, and information that help plan their development in ways that meet local needs and improve quality of life. We are committed to development that balances economic development with both environmental protection and community well-being.

SRPC has been active in regional planning for over forty years as one of the nine Regional Planning Commissions established by the New Hampshire legislature. Our region is composed of eighteen communities including all thirteen municipalities in Strafford County, three communities in Rockingham County, and two communities in Carroll County. Operating as a political subdivision of the State, SRPC serves an advisory role to local governments and organizations.

Strafford Regional Planning Commission is working to rewrite its regional master plan. Entitled A Granite State Future: Local Solutions for the Strafford Region, the plan will focus on how you, the people of our communities, envision a better future for the Strafford region



How Can I Get involved?

As a first step to our regional master plan update, SRPC will be visiting community events in the coming year around the region including Heritage Festivals, Old Home Days, and Chamber Events. We’ll be talking to people who live, work, and play in our communities, region, and state about why they choose to stay here and what their vision is for a better region.

Find out where to look for our Local Solutions for the Strafford Region tent or booth here: Events Calendar

Can’t make it to one of our regional events? Look out in your community for our Granite State Future Listening Boxes. Please take the time to fill out a comment card, and drop it in the box; your thoughts will be posted to our Granite State Future Share Your Idea page.

Interested in learning more about A Granite State Future: Local Solutions for the Strafford Region? Please contact Executive Director Cynthia Copeland, AICP at or (603).994.3500 

Join Us at Our Next Meeting!

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Upcoming Events:

July 26th and 27th

Northwood Bean Hole Bash



Past Events:

September 22, 2012

Newmarket Heritage Festival


October 6, 2012:
Apple Harvest Day



October 15, 2012: 
Seacoast Business Expo



 February 5th-8th 2013: 

SRPC at the MUB (UNH)


January 26th and March 23rd, 2013:

Wentworth Greenhouse Winter's Farmer's Market





April 24th, 2013

Catapult Connects



April 6th, 2013

Great Bay Half Marathon




May 2nd, 2013

Red Cross Blood Drive



May 18, 2013

Veteran's Day Celebration



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